LOCKN: Manifesting Collaboration Since 2013

LOCKN Festival is a stomping ground for all that is Dead and tie-dyed to the bone. As the Deadhead community approaches Lockn once again in 2018 we here at SMR have found ourselves reminiscing about the moments of the sweet musical bliss of yesteryear. Lockn has been home to monumental moments in Dead history such as the first and only performance of the entire Terrapin suite by members of the Grateful Dead.

With this in mind, when I hear Lockn the first thing I immediately think of is unannounced collective musical collaboration. John Mayer has already expressed his eagerness to, “not bring a guitar case” to the upcoming festival this weekend because of the sheer amount of musical possibilities. With the future and the Terrapin Suite performance in mind let's take a look at some of the best Dead collab moments in Lockn history.

Furthur ft. Trey Anastasio - 2013

The world of the Grateful Dead and Phish first collided when Phish honored the third anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death in 1998 with a performance of Terrapin Station. The jam machines continued to collide in instances of collaboration with the legendary Warfield 1999 Phil and Friends run featuring Page McConnell and Trey Anastasio and Weir and Lesh’s subsequent sit-ins with Phish through the years. The two monolithic jam energies came together once again in 2013 for the first Lockn Festival and featured masterful guitar interplay between Anastasio, Kadlecik, and Weir.

Billy and the Kids ft. Mickey Hart and Bob Weir - 2015


 Coming off the heels of Fare Thee Well the trio of Dead and Company GD originals teamed up for an excellent surprise performance with Billy’s band “Billy and the Kids”. Billy and the Kids also showcased to the soon to be Dead guitar legend Tom Hamilton, who would eventually make his namesake playing for Joe Russo’s Almost Dead.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead featuring Bob Weir - 2017


In 2018, it seems as though there is a lot of bickering between Deadheads who prefer JRad to Dead and Company and those Deadheads who prefer Dead and Company to Jrad. In my opinion, the bickering is unnecessary noise in a world filled with boundless musical expression in Deadheadland. Last year at Lockn Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and Bob Weir joined forces to express the endless musical potential that many of us forget about.

Phil Lesh and Friends ft. Infamous Stringdusters, Jon Fishman, Page McConnell, Joe Russo, and Anders Osborne - 2016


Joe Russo and Jon Fishman are names that any drummer, despite the genre, can look up to. Joe Russo excelled in playing heavy metal music before his Dead days and Jon Fishman has acquired unworldly multi-genre drum skills with his time playing with Phish. Interstellar rhythm is an understatement. As if that dynamic duo wasn’t powerful enough to blow craniums in 2016 they were joined by Phil Lesh, bluegrass stompers the Infamous Stringdusters, and blues man Anders Osborne.

Reflectively, Lockn is a place of musical transformation and collective unity under the mission of JAM. With this in mind, we are more than thrilled to join all of you at the 2018 Lockn festival knowing that we will all witness jam history together.

See you there,


NOTE: The photos in this article do not belong to SMRTRAVELED.

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