Bob Weir Dusts Off Chasers for Wolf Bros Tour

The 71 year old psychedelic troubadour Bob Weir is currently wrapping up the first, "Bob Weir and the Wolf Bros" tour on the east coast. Since Wolf Bros tours first show in Reno, NV Bobby, Jay Lane, and Don Was have dived deep into the immersive Grateful Dead catalog in a manner that is both respectfully new and humbly vintage.

All things considered, Dead and Company have explored the Grateful Dead catalog. “If I Had the World To Give”, for example.

Some Deadheads, however, believe that Dead and Company have failed to milk some Grateful Dead classics.. Classics like, “Good Morning Little School Girl”, and Grateful Dead covers like, “Me and Bobby McGee”.

With this in mind, it seems as though Bobby charged into Bob Weir and the Wolf Bros fall tour with this complaint in mind. Looking at the first Wolf Bros tour, let’s take a look at what rare tunes Bobby has treated Deadheads to so far..

1) She Belongs To Me

“She Belongs To Me”, taken from Bob Dylan’s 1965 record, “Bringing It All Back Home” has a historical stamp on the Grateful Dead musical catalog. The Grateful Dead themselves have covered, “She Belongs To Me”, 11 times. The fluid and moving Dylan tune was found more frequently in Jerry Garcia Band setlists, though. Whether in a manner to pay homage to his old friend Garcia or not, Weir’s revival of, “She Belongs to Me” has been an invitation to one of the most timeless pieces of Dylan’s catalog

Our favorite lyric: “She's a hypnotist collector, you are a walking antique”

2) Me and Bobby McGee

Commonly mistaken as a Janis Joplin tune, “Me and Bobby McGee”, written by Kris Kristofferson, can be said to be the epitome of a classic Americana tune. The song tells of a long lost love amidst the American highways, mountainsides, and coal mines. The narrator eventually reconciles with the thoughts of the lost love and proclaims, “feeling good was good enough for me”, in a triumphant way. “Me and Bobby McGee” has appeared a handful of times in the Grateful Dead live repertoire, most notably in the 1981 acoustic, “Reckoning”, release. All things considered, although Janis and Kris Kristofferson are incredible narrators Bobby is the perfect voice for a song that could be seen as a typical tune of a Deadhead lost in love on tour.

Our favorite lyric: “Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose”

3) Sunshine Superman

Sunshine Superman by Donovan has been recognized as one of the most influential psychedelic songs of all time. As Donovan was influencing 1960s sound the Grateful Dead we’re making the underground effort to make sure the 60s ethos never truly died; even though their efforts weren’t intentional. It is only fitting that Bobby has introduced this monolithic psychedelic song to the Wolf Bros repertoire

Our favorite lyric: “A you-you-you can just sit there a-thinking on your velvet throne
'Bout all the rainbows a-you can a-have for your own”

4) Blue Mountain material

After Dead and Company’s first summer tour in 2016, Bob Weir took time to record his first solo record in years. Considering the inspiration that came from summer tour, the album and subsequent tour was monumental. Weir’s Blue Mountain album was an ode to simple times swigging whiskey, passing pearls and hanging with friends and around the fire in Wyoming or Montana. Every track is riddled with western mystery and cowboy-esque flavors. Many individuals wished Weir would bring the Blue Mountain tunes to the following Dead and Company tours; but he didn’t. Absent from the mind of heads since Weir Campfire Tour 2016, Weir’s revival of his solo work to the stage is bliss at its best.

Our favorite Blue Mountain tune: Gonesville
Our favorite lyric: “We’re all given a first and a last love and Blue Mountain will be both of mine”, - “Blue Mountain”

5) Good Morning School Girl

I’ve always thought the absence of Good Morning Little School girl from recent Dead performances was a consequence of Weir thinking to himself, “Maybe we shouldn't be singing about school girls when I’m 71..”. Regardless, who cares!? It's a fun tune and it’s just a song, yanno?! Good Morning Little School girl was my first exposure to Pigpen and it’s an understatement to say Weir’s revival of the classic has been incredible.

Our favorite lyric: “I’m gonna buy me an airplane, I’m gonna fly all over chevy, man”

6) Weather Report Suite

Weather Report Suite intro holds the power to turn any individual into a pool of tears and reflection. Much to the dismay of of the fans of the 1974 setlist classic,
the intimate precursor to the magnificence of, “Let It Grow”, has not appeared on Dead and Company’s setlists since their formation in 2015. When I’ve inquired individuals about their most sought after Dead tune to hear I’ve heard, “Weather Report Suite”, overwhelmingly, besides the obvious monoliths like, “Dark Star”, and “Terrapin Station” has been the answer.

Our favorite lyric: Summers fade and roses die, you’ll see summer come again

Stay tuned on for more Dead gems and chasers dusted off by Weir as we continue our coverage of the Wolf Bros’ tour.. All things considered, Wolf Bros tour is the place to be if you’re aching to see that one special tune you’ve chased for ages.

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  • Me and Bobby McGee is on the Grateful Dead’s 1971 self titled (aka: Skull & Roses) album.

    It is not on Reckoning.

    • Ramblin' Pete