Dead and Company 6/20/18: Won't You Come Out to Play

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s scenic drive will take an individual on a trip through an Ohio Sunshine Daydream. Alongside Northeast Ohio’s towering trees and rolling hills Dead and Company took Cuyahoga Falls on a psychedelic trip through the cosmos.
The night under the stars began as the cool drizzle began to subside and the six-piece jam machine shifted into, “Feel Like A Stranger”. As the funky vibe was solidified the boys continued to lay out the magic touch for the first part of the set with, “They Love Each Other”, “It’s All Over Now”, “Row Jimmy”, and perhaps one of the highlights of the show, “West LA Fadeaway”. “West LA Fadeaway” allowed the boys the jam space for Weir and Mayer to trade their signature styles back and forth. The tie-dye was swirling in familiar fashion and Weir made a visible smile towards the crowd,
Mickey and Billy thumped on as the first set wrapped up with a hootenanny “Loose Lucy”, soul-wrenching, “Ship Of Fools”, and “Passenger”. “Ship of Fools” continues to be a tune that the boys can really knock out of the ballpark each time they play it.
The real treats of the night were soon to come as Weir and friends returned to the stage amidst the Cuyahoga fog. The popular 80s Bobby segue, “Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance” kicked off the second set and lifted the audience towards the heavens. As smells of patchouli and pot filled the nostrils of many Weir led the band into, “He’s Gone”, which displayed a Church-like congregation of Deadheads all howling the lyrics from the lawn. Perhaps the true gem of the night, “Scarlet > Fire”, was summoned next in the second set. “Scarlet” peaked three or four times and left everyone aching for more Mixolydian madness. After a quick, “drums > space” segment by Billy and Mickey Weir landed everyone back on their two feet with, “I Need A Miracle”. Mayer, with his blues chops, took “Miracle” and shredded everyone new dancing shoes. In a fashion to ease the mood in the air, Weir moved into, “Dear Prudence”, next. Weir’s gentle approach to “Dear Prudence” makes it one of my personal favorite tunes coming out of the “Space” portion of the second set. To wrap up the second set of their 100th show the boys thundered through, “Throwing Stones”, which featured many shaking their bones; per usual. Although everyone in Cuyahoga Falls could’ve danced for hours longer the boys wrapped up the night with a moving, “Knockin On Heavens Door”.
Blossom Music Center once again has proved to be a place of magic for Weir and Company.. the road continues for us here at SMR as we truck on towards Alpine.. see Y'all there and stay safe!
Set 1
Feel Like A Stranger
They Love Each Other
Used to Love Her
Row Jimmy
West LA Fadeaway
Loose Lucy
Ship of Fools
Set 2
Lost Sailor >
Saint or Circumstance
He’s Gone
Scarlet Begonias >
Fire on the Mountain >
Drums >
Space >
I Need A Miracle
Dear Prudence
Throwing Stones
Knockin On Heavens Door

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