Dead and Company Review 6/13/18: Working on a Masterpiece

Hartford has been a Deadhead stomping ground for ages.. legend says you can still hear the Weir howls amongst the hills from the 3/19/1990 “Around and Around”.  Last night Dead and Company once again returned to Hartford and delivered a magnificent show with a steady and heart-filled delivery. The night began with a solid first half of the second set. “Hell in a Bucket”, “Next Time You See Me” and “Ramble on Rose” all fixated the Dead itch for all the tie-dyed-wild-eyed folks in Hartford. After the initial foundation of good vibes was laid by  our favorite group of pranksters the band was led by Weir into the first appearance of, “When I Paint My Masterpiece”, on Dead and Company’s 2018 summer tour. With all due respect to Dylan I think Weir owns this song now.. speaking of which, I’m still waiting for “Desolation Row”! After a sluggish series of “Cumberland Blues” on D&C’s 2017 Fall tour the boys continued their streak of kickass summer 2018 “Cumberland’s”. Mayer ripped into the deep bluegrass licks and Weir complimented his player with slashing juxtapositions of chords. Chimenti brought everyone home and left everyone wanting to get another shift at the mine.. To finish off the first set Mayer led the psychedelic cowboys into, “Black Muddy River” which is usually found in second sets for Dead and Company. To change the mood the boys sped up the energy with a massive “Don’t Ease Me” to close the first set. After setbreak the boys returned to the stage with a mission to make things stranger. My personal favorite, “Feels like a Stranger” Dead and Company has played came next to open the second set. New effects were utilized that seemed to echo jamtronica. Well, I guess jamtronica that echoes Space.. we all know Mickey is the OG jamtronica man. Mayer reached for the silver bullet, his PRS guitar, and we all know what that means. “Viola Lee Blues” came thundering through the street corners of Hartford and got everyone in a familiar groove. Mickey pounded his drum set, which was met my smiles from Billy. Meanwhile Weir and Mayer were shredding everyone’s faces off. NUTS! Dead and Company’s most played tunes came next, “China > Rider” brought everyone to a zone of psychedelic sunshine  and brought everyone down with the cool Colorado rain. An unusual pick for a second set tune and my pick for the highlight of the show, “Man Smart Woman Smarter” came next, which melted into a “Man Smarter, Woman Smarter” themed drum section. “Space” melted into everyone’s minds afterwards which featured a particularly tasty jazzy-jam pioneered by Chimenti and Mayer. The boys came out of space and finished, “Viola”. To close the set the boys treated everyone to the first “Looks Like Rain” of 2018 and spiced up the crowd with the Buddy Holly Dead catalog classic, “Not Fade Away”. To place a final cherry on the magical night in Hartford the boys returned to the stage with a tear-jerking, “Brokedown Palace”. Mystical night in Hartford! The golden road continue tomorrow in the Big Apple for a two night run at Dead and Company’s stomping ground, Citi Field. As always we’ll see you there! Keep truckin’ folks and much love Setlist
Set 1
Hell in a Bucket
Next Time You See Me >
Ramble on Rose
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Cumberland Blues
Black Muddy River
Don’t Ease Me In
Set 2
Feel Like A Stranger
Viola Lee Blues >
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider
Man Smart, Woman Smarter >
Drums >
Space >
Viola Lee Blues
Looks Like Rain
Not Fade Away
Brokedown Palace

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