Dead & Company Summer Tour 2018: The Numbers, The Bust Outs, and Uncle Johnny Boy's Band

By The Numbers

Dead & Company continued blowing minds and testing the waters this summer, playing a whopping 117 different songs in 24 shows. If that wasn’t enough, only 30 of the songs were played five or more times. Leading the pack is “Bird Song” and “Althea”, with 7 plays each, with the “Deal”, “Viola Lee Blues”, “The Other One”, and “Bertha” hot on its trail with 6.

On the other side of the coin, a handful of songs only made a one-time appearance this summer. These songs include …

“Passenger” (Cuyahoga Falls, June 20th),

“Werewolves Of London” (Darien Lake, June 19th)

“Dancin’ In The Street” (Shoreline, July 2nd)

“A Love Supreme” (CitiField, June 15th),

“Even So” (Alpine Valley, June 22nd)

“Easy Wind” (Saratoga Springs, June 11th)

“Big Railroad Blues” (Los Angeles, July 7th)

The Bust Outs

The thing that keeps Deadhead’s waiting guessing on forums for months prior to tour is what will the boys be bringing out of the bag this summer. And this summer, they didn’t disappoint. Fans were treated to six bust outs this summer. These include … 

Alabama Getaway (Mansfield, May 30th)

It’s All Over Now (Mansfield, May 30th)

Jack-A-Roe (Camden, June 1st)

It Hurts Me Too (Camden, June 2nd)

William Tell Bridge > The Eleven (CitiField, June 16th)

Mr. Charlie (The Gorge, June 29th)

Honorable mentions include Paul Simon’s Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes which was included in The Wheel during the first night in Camden on June 1st and a Supplication Jam which made its way into Uncle John’s Band at SPAC


Uncle Johnny Boy’s Band

Something fans have started picking up on this tour was John Mayer including riffs from non-Dead songs into his guitar solos. This adds a whole new aspect to the setlist guessing game that Deadheads love to play. Now it's guess that riff John just pulled out of his bag of tricks. This is really great stuff. It’s the perfect way to make this more of a “tribute band”. Where guitar players of the past tried to mirror what Jerry would do, Johns a little more interested in showing you what he can, with respect to Jerry. This is why John Mayer is making waves. Some memorable riffs include ...


Stevie Wonder’s Part-Time Lover

Traffic's The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

Fleetwood Mac Never Goin Back Again

Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Alone Again

Jackson Browne Stay

Santo and Johnny’s Sleepwalk.


Add some comments below! Tell us your thoughts or any teases we may have missed!

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