Friday LOCKN' Recap: Cats Down Under The Stars Tonight

Another crimson sunset cradled Deadheads at Infinity Downs and Oakridge Farm for the yearly Lockn festival last night. As the tunes have floated through the air, we at the So Many Roads Family have had the pleasure to provide access to event coverage.

Beyond our mission to bring you nothing but the spiciest Dead coverage that we possibly can we’ve been enjoying the rolling mountain views and stunning musical journeys at Lockn. Looking back at Friday we have a couple thoughts as we look forward to yet another night under the Virginia sun..

1) Moon Taxi Brings High Octane Raw Rock N Roll

Moon Taxi turned it up with Rage Against the Machine’s Sleep In the Fire and set the entire crowd ablaze with energy. As chords were struck shockwaves of menacing yet light-hearted intent readied the crowd for the thunder that was ready to come for the remainder of the night. The entire set maintained a steady rock n roll vibe that can only be described as mesmerizingly cathartic.

2) Taj Mahal maintains a loyal and heartwarming fanbase

When Taj Mahal took the stage for his guest appearance with reggae legends Toots and the Maytals the crowd size nearly doubled. With Taj Mahal’s eclectic approach to infusing nearly every genre he can think of together, much like Garcia and many folks we are familiar with, it’s no wonder why Taj Mahal brings people back aching for more. We recommend his Hawaiian Blues album.

3) Parliament Funkadelic continues to groove well into 2018, but his heart lies in intimate smaller performances

P-Funk’s Cosmic Slop and Maggot Brain opened up the cranium of every jam-freak and Deadhead in a million mile radius of Lockn. The grooves began and the feet began stomping. Despite this, however, we believe the true magic of a P-Funk show can be found in a more intimate venue setting. With this in mind, though; we are lucky to have seen P-Funk hold the torch of funk for so long. 

4) We miss Widespread Panic’s touring Days

Widespread Panic opened up their night at Lockn with a mellow tone that eventually melted into a mind-bending vocal and jam culmination with Margo Price pioneering the spirit of freedom while doing so. The performance by Panic absolutely hit the sweet-spot and as for folks born a bit too late for Panic’s touring days the little times we get to see Panic are always a treat.

5) Joe Russo’s Almost Dead is the proof that the Grateful Dead’s music is an immortal piece of American music that will never die

Say the year is 1970. Jerry Garcia walks on the stage with a lit cigarette in hand. He turns to Bob Weir and chuckles something. You look around yourself and there’s only a few hundred people surrounding you. Phil, Weir and Jerry all reach for their acoustic instruments as Mickey and Billy sit down on the drums. The setting is set as a intimate and personal acoustic setting with Garcia singing old mountain ballads and Dead-ified bluegrass tunes; occasionally with a Bobby cowboy tune. A stranger at setbreak shows you a recording that is labeled, “Joe Russo’s Almost Dead”. You listen. You’re mind is warped when the stranger claims that this is actually the music of the Grateful Dead being played.

Would you have believed him? I certainly wouldn’t have. Although the music and chord changes are nonetheless there the juxtaposition between Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and.. Let’s say a reckoning style Grateful Dead set are incomparable.

To make a long story short, the Dead’s music give freedom to the artist who handels it free creative control over the tune as if it were there own. This is the reason why the Music Never Stops.


We’re headed back into the stomping grounds now.. keep tuning into us at the @SMRTraveled family as we continue to give you complete coverage of yet another historic weekend of jam Lockn 2018.. #SMRTraveled

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