About Us

SMRTRAVELED is a media hub for modern-day Deadheads. We document our travels following this band in a way that ties together the past, present, and future for an ever-evolving scene of music. Our passion lies in the music, our talents lie in photography, video, and writing. Through these mediums, we will weave together a story told through the eyes of the world.


We currently have produced a short film titled "I Need a Miracle", which followed us at the beginning of our strange trip to the "Fare Thee Well" shows in Chicago. We talked with the promoter, Peter Shapiro, as well as lifelong Grateful Dead biographer Dennis McNally. 


We also have been featured on Strangers Stopping Strangers Podcast Episode 67 discussing what brought the dead to us, where we see the music going, and promoting our helpful 2018 Summer Tour Guide.

Our website blog includes show reviews, historical analysis, and a limited supply of hand printed t-shirt, hoodies and other apparel.


 SMRTRAVELED Family at Dead and Co. Blossom 2018

SMRTraveled Team at Blossom 2018

The Bohemians:

Anthony - Co-Founder

Anthony is the producer of "I Need a Miracle", which lead to what is now SMRTRAVELED. As a media arts major, Anthony's heart lines in content creation with a specialty in video. His first Dead show was Furthur at All Good Festival in 2013 and he hasn't turned back since. After falling in love with the band and it's scene Anthony has been on a mission to combine like minded individuals who share not only the passion for the music, but the documentation surrounding it's existence in modern society. Outside of SMR, Anthony is an avid traveler and drummer.

Favorite Song: Playing In The Band

Litho Freeman - Co-Founder

Litho is a mystical creature among the bohemian people.

Hayden George - Head of Production

A print wizard who co-founded Nektar Ink Ltd and handles apparel production at SMRTRAVELED. Hayden enjoys rock climbing, playing guitar and can be found in his free time as a DJ.

Favorite Song: Brown Eyed Woman

Erich Schnack - Editor | Writer

An earth Deadhead, aspiring educator, and native of Cleveland, Ohio. Besides spending his summer with Dead and Company, Erich studies history and education at Cleveland State University. He enjoys spending his free time playing guitar, hiking, camping, and documenting the Dead with SMRTRAVELED.

Favorite Song: Terrapin Station

Andrew Hamerly - Advisor | Web

Dot Connector. Digital Marketer. Dead Head. Andrew can be found teaching business at the Cleveland School of Cannabis, blowing glass pipes in his studio, or meeting with like-minded entrepreneurs. He enjoys learning new skills, traveling around the world, playing guitar for a dead cover band, and being with nature.

Favorite Song: The Wheel