Strangers Stopping Strangers Podcast

Podcast #67- Conversation with SMRTraveled

In the words of Staci Smith, "This week I get to share the stories and song picks with three of the team members (Anthony, Erick and Olek) behind SMRTRAVELED. Its been awhile since I have shared a conversation and music picks with 21st Century Deadheads, I made up for lost time by having three friends on together. I met them through their SMRTRAVELED page on Instagram, which immediately captivated me with pictures from road adventures.

Anthony, Erick and Olek share really cool stories about discovering the Grateful Dead – going to shows & carrying on the tradition of Jack Kerouac- The Great American Adventure via TOURING! With the Dead and Company 2018 Spring tour coming up the timing was perfect to get pumped up and hear what they are planning. While enjoying the tour they are going to be working on some documentary footage, selling cool shirts and creating a free digital travel guide. The guide will include info about the cities the 2018 Dead and Company tour will be at, fun bits like Grateful Dead trivia, and over all pro tips that would be helpful for a Deadhead on tour.

This conversation was SO FUN! It is so invigorating & inspirational to talk to fantastic young guys and girls, hear their perspectives on the music, community, touring, and the continuous spirit that the big wheel keeps turning and the music never stopped!!

As always – thank you for tuning in- and enjoy!"

Featured Music~

Grateful Dead- Good Lovin’, Winterland Arena San Francisco CA, December 31, 1978

Grateful Dead- Here Comes Sunshine,  Winterland Arena, San Francisco CA February 23, 1974

Dead and Company- Terrapin Station, Fenway Park, Boston MA, July 16, 2016

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